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About Me

I started doing Web and Graphic Design about 12 years ago as a hobby. I saw a need at a place where I was working, and began to create graphic designs and layouts for their products and services. From there I decided to help others such as authors and musicians by designing attractive, interesting designs to help them build their audiences. After I left the job where I started on this path, I continued to work with them as an independent designer for almost a decade. I also worked with small businesses in my community, friends and family members creating websites, brochures, photo-editing and book covers. About four years ago I decided to return to college to enhance my knowledge and receive a formal degree in the field that I love. I have enjoyed delving deeper into these subjects and increasing my depth of understanding of the underlying principles of this field of work. I wanted to learn as much as I could and I now have my Associates Degree in Graphic Communication from Tarrant County College and Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication from Bellevue University. Though I have been creating web sites, wine labels, brochures, flyers, and poster for years, the insight I’ve gained pursuing my degree can only help me to be even more creative and professional as I move towards the future.